Chi Chokon, Guatemala


Chi Chokon is a suburban community that is located on the edge of the city of Comalapa. Chi Chokon currently utilizes a 25 year old water distribution system that supports 39 families. This system is over 2 miles long, has 5 aerial crossings, and is completely gravity fed. The community is experiencing sectorization of the water supply due to  insufficient water supply. Due to the age of the system there is also leakage from the many tanks and pipe branches that are required for distribution.

This year our chapter will be assessing the existing system and collaborating with the community remotely. We will be collecting data through spring flow rates, a topographic survey, a hydrogeologic survey, a demographic survey, water quality testing, and more. The purpose of assessment this year is to analyze the current water sources, system capacity, and assess the available alternatives. We are optimistic that our team will be able to travel in May 2022 to further develop our relationship with the community members of Chi Chokon, and to gather any additional data necessary for assessment. 

NGO Collaboration

Since our chapter first began work in Comalapa 15 years ago, we have collaborated with a local NGO partner – Long Way Home.  LWH is a local non profit that emphasizes sustainability, education, and democracy. As our “boots on the ground,” they assist with translation, cultural knowledge, communication with our partner communities, and sourcing materials. Throughout the stages of our project in Chirijuyu, LWH has developed a strong relationship with community leadership, hosted community calls to help with translation, collected important data, and coordinated materials purchasing.

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