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Projects Through the Years

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Projects Through the Years


Donor Reports

Spring Donor Report



Donor Reports

Fall Donor Report




Peace Sanctuary Garden Walkthrough

EWB UMN President Sneha Sinha walks through the completed project at the Peace Sanctuary Garden in St. Paul in collaboration with the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance.


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COVID-19: Travel Contingencies and Chapter Operations

Hear from our project leads in this video update, posted 3/22/2020, on how our chapter is responding to the transition to online and our contingency plans for travel.

COVID-19: Status of Partner Communities

Video update sharing how our partner in Filakit, Ethiopia; Paraxaj, Guatemala; and at Lincoln International High School in Minneapolis have been impacted by COVID-19, and are responding. Posted 4/22/2020.

Town Hall Zoom Recording

Zoom screen recording of our informational Q&A Town Hall hosted on April 29th. Presentation includes a recap of our chapter’s work over the year and COVID-19 contingency plan updates for our projects.



Filakit Implementation Photo Book

This link will direct you to the website version of our Filakit Implementation Photo Book, where you can scroll through a digital copy and view a curated photo gallery.

ASABE Drip Irrigation Video

From the initial assessment in May 2017 to the second implementation in May 2019, this video showcases the journey of the drip irrigation system in Filakit Geragera, Ethiopia.


Paraxaj Final Implementation Documentary

This 12-minute documentary follows the final implementation trip to our partner community in Paraxaj, Guatemala – in which 3+ miles of pipeline and 164 household tapstands were installed.

Paraxaj Final Implementation Trailer

This 3-minute mini documentary showcases highlights of the final implementation trip to our partner community in Paraxaj, Guatemala.

Multimedios Feature on Paraxaj

EWB-UMN was highlighted in a segment of “Las Buenas Noticias,” a news segment through the Spanish language television station, Multimedios. (Timestamp: 1:02)

Long Way Home Video on Paraxaj

This short video, created by Long Way Home (our partner nonprofit based in Comalapa, Guatemala), highlights the results of the final implementation trip in Paraxaj.


12 Days of Toolmas

To celebrate and thank our donors during the holiday season, we wrote and performed a fun holiday parody showcasing our favorite tools.



Paraxaj First Implementation

Members of the travel team share challenges, successes, and personal experiences in this 4-minute video on the first implementation trip in Paraxaj, Guatemala.