Racial Justice

EWB-USA University of Minnesota joins our parent organization, EWB-USA, in confirming our commitment to build a better world. This includes improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in our own chapter and in our partner communities. We stand with members of our Black community in building a world where Black lives are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

While our chapter will continue to fulfill the commitments we’ve made to partner communities abroad, we cannot in good faith overlook the needs that exist in our own city. Our chapter has the unique opportunity to use our passionate student volunteers, our engineering talent, our affiliations and assets, and an abundance of other relevant resources to help local communities rebuild the businesses and services on which they rely.

In addition to exploring partnerships and identifying a local project that will best serve the Black and Brown communities in Minneapolis, EWB-USA UMN will work to increase inclusion and diversity within our own organization. We aim to increase the scope and audience of our preexisting cultural awareness programming and collaborate with other organizations at the University that emphasize diversity and inclusivity.